Counselling 101 Workshop for Teachers

Early 2016

Early in 2016, the Ateneo Bulatao Center held a Counseling 101 workshop for over 40 teachers and coaches of Keys School, Mandaluyong City.

Teachers often take the role of second parents in their students’ lives. ¬†Students seek their teacher’s/school administrator’s counsel and approach them not just for academic assistance but for personal concerns as well. ¬†In this workshop, teachers and school administrators learned basic counseling skills that will help enhance their abilities in handling these inevitable situations.

The following were the objectives of the workshop:

  • Identify and differentiate the principles and goals of the three phases of counseling
  • Demonstrate the appropriate skills of effective, emphatic listening.
  • Evaluate the counseling skills of others
  • Assess one’s strengths and weaknesses as a counselor

The workshop was a combination of lecture, pen and paper exercises, and hand-on experiential activities.