Ateneo Bulatao Center Workshop on Parenting the Millennial Child

July 9, 2016

They are known by many names: “Millennials”, “Generation Y”, “Generation Me”, and even “Generation Z”.  This generation of young people born in the 1990’s and 2000’s are growing up in an environment that is characterized by rapid social change, personalized media and technologies, and globalization.  But even as their lifestyles, values, and goals are inevitably shaped by this wider world, these children and teens still grow into adulthood in the context of their families and with the necessary guidance of their parents.

How can parents – who were born in a previous generation – better understand their Millenial / Gen Z child?  How can parents provide children with optimum support so they may grow to become resilient, productive, and compassionate?  These are some of the questions that were discussed in a workshop given at the Singapore School, Cebu, held July 9, 2016.

The half day workshop included research findings on the unique characteristics and issues of the child of the 21st century.  The speaker also presented theories on the kind of parenting that does not work for this modern population.  Discussions on parenting strategies to help children build resilience and self-regulation followed.  Finally, the parents engaged in pen and paper exercises aimed to honing skills in empathy, a core skill for effective parenting the millennial child.