Bulatao Center Works with Meralco Philippines

January 13, 2016

Earlier this year, the Bulatao Center ran The Mindful Leader Workshop for executives of the largest electric distribution facility in the Philippines, Meralco.  The workshop began with walking the participants through the science behind mindfulness practice in the workplace and then guiding them through coaching sessions that deepened their understanding of mindfulness, allowing leaders to experience mindfulness first-hand.  The workshop outcome showed measurably significant increases in mindfulness skills among participants, particularly in areas of mindful attention and awareness.

The mindfulness workshop left an empowering effect on Meralco executives – “It makes you realize that we have to be able to be aware of ourselves and how we impact not only others but also ourselves – have a more focused and objective approach at issues with less or no stress”.

Meralco executives found mindfulness relevant and helpful in becoming a better leader and team player.  In the end participants walked away with the knowledge that through continued mindfulness practice, leaders are afforded the space to respond to adversity, change, and uncertainty in the workplace and in the business environment at large with equanimity, and with purposeful actions that are aligned with personal and corporate values.  Ramon Segismundo, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Manila Electric company, noted “In today’s rapidly changing world, the quantum leaps we are achieving in innovation and technology, mindfulness is the perfect complement in developing its leaders.”