In today’s busy and fast paced world, more and more of us are becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and caught up in the rush to accomplish tasks and to finish work, resulting in a loss of focus and a disconnect from ourselves and the people around us. In this regard, we have formed the Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program, in order to help teach others techniques to cope with things like their stress, negative and circular thoughts, deep emotions, and self care- among many others. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to personal experiences on purpose, in a curious and open way. Research has shown that mindfulness practices can bring about benefits of sharpened focus, emotional balance, effective stress management, increased self esteem, self-awareness, creativity, resilience, and better relationships. Mindfulness practices have been adopted by many schools, Fortune 500 companies, like Google, US marines, professional athletes, corporate executives, Harvard Business School, and many other organizations in the west.

Our upcoming programs are as follows:

1. Become Mentally and Emotionally Strong: A mindfulness program for teenagers. At the end of the program, teenagers will learn mindfulness practices to:
– Increase their ability to focus and pay attention
– Effectively deal with change, stress, disappointments and strong emotions
– Make more thoughtful decisions
– Be kinder to self and others
– Be calm amidst chaos

2. Building Connections from the Inside, Out: A FREE mindful parenting seminar for parents of teenagers.
Basically, parents will understand how mindfulness can:
– help them become more in control of their emotions and reactions
– improve communication between parent and teen
– help them respond better to personal and parental stress

Mentally and Emotionally Strong

Buidling Connections Mindful Parenting