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A Celebration Of Your Present Self

For most of us, the pandemic has made our lives more challenging. Suddenly, even the things you used to do so well may feel like a chore and the personal goals you set may seem farther than ever. 


However, that does not mean you haven’t accomplished anything! 

Take this moment to breathe and remember not the things you still have to do but those that you have conquered today, yesterday, the past week, or even since quarantine started. Perhaps it’s a grade you worked hard for, a project you just closed, or even a chore you’ve done today. Big or small, these are worth celebrating, especially with the people you value. So go ahead! Tell your family, call a friend, or maybe even talk to your pet!


And should it cross your mind, no, self-celebration is not about bragging or proving you are better than everyone else. In fact, studies have shown that expressive displays of successes with other people lead to better outcomes in mood and well-being for yourself and for the listener (Conoley et al., 2015; Gable et al., 2004; Langston, 1994)! Instead, self-celebration is about empowering and accepting not the person whom you aspire to be but who you are at this moment.

Keywords: Celebration; Accomplishment; Goals



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