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A Self Compassionate Way Of Improving Focus On Online Learning

At present, it may be challenging for students to focus and to remain motivated in their studies. It may even be improbable at times to think about academics amidst all that occurs around them. Times like this call for self compassion—reigning self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness over harsh self criticism, isolation, and over-identification with one’s thoughts and feelings (Neff, 2003). Studies have linked self compassion with positive mental health outcomes such as less depression and anxiety and greater life satisfaction (Wilson et al, 2018).


With that, how can students practice self compassion while improving their concentration for online learning?


1. Don’t be hard on yourself. Your attention for studying may not be in full capacity as you try to tackle two things: your modules and the additional stress from this unpredictable context (Braver, 2020). It is okay to not be at your “100 percent.” The aim is to do your best. 


Ask: Am I taking more than I can currently handle?


2. Create a separate workspace. This may help one in minimizing possible distractions and in setting some boundaries between academic and personal life (APA, 2020). Like a regular classroom, entering this space may mean that you step into a better mindset for studying, and leaving it is allowing yourself to rest. 


Ask: How do I recreate my ideal learning space at home?


3. Establish a routine. A routine is not limited to maximizing productivity, for it may also be a strategy in allowing rest and leisure to belong to your day. Having this may remind one to take pauses, which some may often ignore when not given a time limit in doing their tasks. 


Ask: What do I focus on at this hour?


Keywords: Coping; Self Care; School; Goals



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