Ateneo Bulatao Center

About The Center

The Ateneo Bulatao Center is the non-profit service and research arm of the Psychology Department of the Ateneo de Manila University. We deliver counseling and psychotherapy; psychological testing and assessment; psychological workshops; and intervention programs in the service of improving the psychological wellbeing of children, adolescents, and adults. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting psychological wellness across a variety of settings such as schools, government organizations, non – government organizations, and corporations.

The center also trains the next generation of psychologists and mental health professionals to integrate scholarly knowledge, research findings, a grounded awareness of context, self-awareness, and critical thinking into clinical practice and clinical decision-making.

The experience at Bulatao Center is a person-to-person human encounter –  where compassion and empathy towards the self and others become the undercurrent that defines the approach to professional psychological practice.




The Center prides itself in providing its psychological services in the scientist-practitioner philosophy. It integrates psychological practice and research into developing and delivering exceptional psychological services that are grounded in scientific research and adhere to the ethical standards of psychology. It is also grounded in serving the needs of individuals and of the community, and grounded in context, recognizing that people are shaped by social forces and events.

At the heart of Ateneo Bulatao Center’s work is a practice anchored in a humanistic culture. This extends to viewing students and mental health practitioners as whole people who take their personalities and experiences with them into their practices. This culture fosters a personal and professional integration through case seminars, mentorship, and peer counseling that encourage them to talk about personal material as it may affect their clients and professional work.