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Stories from the Center: One Thing at a Time

Mindful Walking has helped me notice thoughts as they come up, and help me to see them objectively. –client with a runaway mind   Now try the exercise yourself!   As you walk, pay attention to the sensations of your body with every step. This can be the wind on your face, the contact of […]

Mindful Working: One Thing at a Time

Placing our awareness and focus on the present is integral in order to treat ourselves with compassion. So whenever we work, whether it is at home or in the office, try the following mindfulness practices:

Mindfulness in the Time of the Pandemic

The past months have not been easy for many of us. More than a year of the pandemic has brought about uncertainty and all sorts of threats to our physical, financial, and psychological security. In this “new normal,” feelings of fear, worry, frustration, and maybe even anger are completely normal as well.