A Celebration Of Your Present Self

For most of us, the pandemic has made our lives more challenging. Suddenly, even the things you used to do so well may feel like a chore and the personal goals you set may seem farther than ever.

Loss and G.R.O.W.T.H.

Grieve. The feelings that come with loss can be quite unpleasant…and that’s okay. Acknowledge what you feel but don’t drown in it. Remember that grief is a natural response. There is no need to hide or to mask it.    Remember to Breathe. When the distress starts to become overwhelming, take deep intentional breaths. You […]

Loss and Growth

What comes into mind when you think of loss?   For most of us, it might be losing a friend or a family member. Of course, this is valid. The loss of a loved one hurts immensely. But there are other kinds of losses that should also be honored and grieved.   As we journey […]

Behavioral Activation: Remember This!

Behavioral activation suggests that positive thoughts and feelings will follow when we do things that we love, even if we don’t initially feel like it. This, in turn, can lead to a cycle of positive reinforcement.   Doing things that we love can make us feel good about ourselves. Feeling good about ourselves can lead […]

Emotion-Focused Coping: Hobbies

It goes without saying that we all have varied interests. Some of us may find joy in creative work. Others may prefer athletic activities or even academic pursuits in their free time. And even within these areas of interest, there are activities that you can do on your own or as part of a group. […]

Emotion-Focused Coping: Small Steps In Self-Care

While many of us may see the beach or the mountains as a way of coping with our problems, it is good to remind ourselves that self-care is not restricted to those grand treats. As we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, there are plenty of smalls steps we can take to manage […]

Emotion-Focused Coping: Seeking Support

It goes without saying that we all need people to lean on, especially when the problem seems beyond our control. One strategy that can help you is identifying different people for different kinds of support.    For example, who can give you emotional support? Who is best for companionship support (i.e. the one who you […]

Strategies for Stress Management & Self-improvement: Problem-Focused Coping

Ask yourself: Is my problem within my control? If the answer is yes, take a look at problem-focused coping strategies.   1. What do I need to do today, next week, or next month?  Many clients think they have to do everything NOW. Knowing what should and shouldn’t be prioritized is a powerful tool you […]

Stories From The Center: Explaining Meltdowns

Previously, one client at the center was referred for intense psychological outbursts where she lashed out at her parents and siblings. When asked what she wanted as a goal of her sessions, she said she wished to not feel intense emotions. Studies show this might actually be a strong reason why the problem exists in […]

Managing Stress & Anxiety: The Power Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps us catch our stressful, negative thoughts before they become too strong to manage or regulate. One exercise that we can introduce into our lives is the sitting with the breath practice which we can remember with these four simple steps:   Step 1: Deciding to go into a mindfulness practice. Step 2: Initiating […]