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Behavioral Activation: Remember This!

Behavioral activation suggests that positive thoughts and feelings will follow when we do things that we love, even if we don’t initially feel like it. This, in turn, can lead to a cycle of positive reinforcement.


Doing things that we love can make us feel good about ourselves. Feeling good about ourselves can lead to a positive disposition which also makes us feel good and encourages us to do the things we love. The cycle goes on!


Here are three things to keep in mind to help start and maintain the cycle:


1.) Identify specific goals

✘ I will exercise.

✓ I will do a Zumba workout.


2.) Be as specific and measurable as possible 

✘ I will exercise regularly.

✓ I will do a Zumba workout MF at 5:30 pm.


3.) Enlist the support of others

✓ I will get a Zumba buddy.

✓ I will publicly announce and document on my social media.


Of course, it is still important to take days off when necessary. This strategy, however, is useful when you find that you hesitate to push through just because your thoughts and feelings don’t align with what you expect from the activity.

Keywords: Behaviors; Thoughts; Feelings; Goals



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