Brief Psychological Services (BPS)

Brief Psychological Services (BPS) intervention is a program that aims to provide free non-specialized psychosocial support for Filipinos. The program recruits, trains, and mentors graduate students to deliver online psychological support in 1-2 counseling sessions to address a caller’s psychological distress.


BPS was created to tackle the mental health challenges of Filipinos and it aims to do this in 3 ways:


Provide free online access to 1-2 counseling sessions to Filipinos aged 18 and above. In these counseling sessions, psychologists foster a safe psychological space for individuals to share any pressing concern, teach additional coping skills to help alleviate distress, and link them to further mental health support.


The BPS program was also designed to address the shortage of mental health professionals by training, equipping, and mentoring graduate psychology students from Ateneo de Manila University to provide competent care.


Finally, the BPS program gathers information and conducts research on:

a. the psychological distress, common stressors, and reasons for referrals of Filipinos seeking mental health support;

b. the conduct of BPS as a short-term intervention;

c. counseling education methods:

This enhances our understanding of Filipino mental health and ensures that the program is based on data and evidence.

Help us help more Filipinos

Since January 2021, our growing Brief Psychological Services team of 30 psychologists-in-training has provided over 2000 free counseling sessions to over 1500 Filipinos from around the Philippines. With your help, we are hoping to expand our team and continue giving this service to more Filipinos.

For every P500 we receive, we can give one more free session to a Filipino in need.

To make a donation, kindly proceed to For corporate donations and partnerships, kindly email us at

We are grateful for your help in supporting the mental health of the Filipino community!