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With many goals and expectations affected by this pandemic, feeling disappointment may be common for students. Some may be feeling discouraged with their performance in their online classes. Some may be ruminating on the thought of what it would be like to return to campus, to hangout with their blockmates after classes, or to graduate on the site where they spent some of their best years in. All of these “losses” may be difficult for most students to process and to accept, as it is truly difficult to not dwell on: “What if things were different?”

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Mindful Listening

First, take 3 deep, transition breaths.   Then, listen to all the sounds around you – above, below, left, right, near, and far. Pay attention

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Mindful Eating

Give your attention as best you can to the lunch on your plate. Pretend you have never seen this food before, which in fact, is

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A Celebration Of Your Present Self

For most of us, the pandemic has made our lives more challenging. Suddenly, even the things you used to do so well may feel like a chore and the personal goals you set may seem farther than ever.

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Loss and G.R.O.W.T.H.

Grieve. The feelings that come with loss can be quite unpleasant…and that’s okay. Acknowledge what you feel but don’t drown in it. Remember that grief

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Loss and Growth

What comes into mind when you think of loss?   For most of us, it might be losing a friend or a family member. Of

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Mindful Working: One Thing at a Time

Placing our awareness and focus on the present is integral in order to treat ourselves with compassion. So whenever we work, whether it is at home or in the office, try the following mindfulness practices:

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Mindfulness in the Time of the Pandemic

The past months have not been easy for many of us. More than a year of the pandemic has brought about uncertainty and all sorts of threats to our physical, financial, and psychological security. In this “new normal,” feelings of fear, worry, frustration, and maybe even anger are completely normal as well.

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