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Emotion-Focused Coping: Hobbies

It goes without saying that we all have varied interests. Some of us may find joy in creative work. Others may prefer athletic activities or even academic pursuits in their free time. And even within these areas of interest, there are activities that you can do on your own or as part of a group. Put simply, there’s bound to be a hobby for you!  What matters is that it is both purposeful & enjoyable. 

What exactly does my hobby do for my well-being? 

Relaxing hobbies such as listening to music have been found to reduce the likelihood of stress. On the other hand, creative pursuits such as songwriting, creative writing, and painting are usually tied to an upward spiral of increased wellbeing and creativity that lasts even until the next day! And when done with other people, these can even support recovery from health issues, boosting self-esteem and social connection. Finally, sporty hobbies under the sun provide us with a boost in Vitamin D and endorphins—the happy hormones! 

Overall, having a hobby reduces the likelihood of stress, low mood, and depressive symptoms. Let us know! Have you noticed these boosts in wellbeing when you engage in your hobbies?

Keywords: Coping; Emotions; Emotion-Focused; Hobbies



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