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Emotion-Focused Coping: Small Steps In Self-Care

While many of us may see the beach or the mountains as a way of coping with our problems, it is good to remind ourselves that self-care is not restricted to those grand treats. As we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, there are plenty of smalls steps we can take to manage our stress from the problems we have little control over. 


Self-care can be as simple as sitting and enjoying the sky, drinking your favorite beverage, spending time with your family, or even doing nothing for a while. And while you’re at it, it is good to ask yourself: what do I love about this experience?


By being more mindful, we allow ourselves to be open to rich and present feelings of joy, excitement, or calmness as we take these small steps. The takeaway here is that self-care is not just about engaging in recreational activities but is also having an open attitude to the sensations and feelings in the present instead of being preoccupied with the past and the future.

Keywords: Coping; Emotions; Emotion-Focused; Self Care; Relaxation



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