Ateneo Bulatao Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment for counseling?

We take in requests for counseling appointments through a sign-up process. Sign-ups are opened at the end of each month and automatically closes when slots are full. To schedule your session, kindly sign up through this form: Please stay tuned to our FB Page for announcements regarding sign-ups.

What are your rates for therapy?


Initial Intake Session – Php 2,800

Succeeding Sessions – Php 2,500


Initial Intake Session – Php 4,500

Succeeding Sessions – Php 4,000

Do you offer free therapy sessions?

The Ateneo Bulatao Center does not offer free therapy sessions. We do, however, offer a free service called Brief Psychological Service, of which persons above 18 years old can avail. This free counseling service is not a substitute for therapy, nor act as a crisis hotline. It is a space where you can speak with responders who will listen to you for 1-2 sessions as you share your distress and learn coping strategies for them. You may sign up for this through this link: and our team will get in touch with you.

Do you offer face to face consultations?

All intake sessions (first sessions) are done online only. Due to a limited space in the center, face-to-face consultations are limited to succeeding sessions for clients who meet a certain criteria as recommended by their psychologist.

Do you offer psychiatric services? / Do you prescribe medication?

Unfortunately, we do not have psychiatrists in our roster. We do not offer psychiatric services. Rest assured our psychologists are trained to spot when a referral to a psychiatrist may be needed. If psychiatric services and medication are what you need, we advise you to proceed to a hospital near you.

Do you offer counseling sessions to overseas clients?

Since our ethical guidelines are based on the guidelines of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, our professional licenses are not outside of the Philippines. We cannot offer our services to individuals who live, work, or are based overseas.

Do you have a hotline where I can chat with someone?

We understand that you may sometimes need to talk or chat with someone right away. However, we do not operate a crisis hotline or a chat hotline.


If you are experiencing current distress and are in need of URGENT ATTENTION, please proceed to the emergency room of the hospital nearest you. 

You can also call the following numbers:

  • DOH-NCMH Hotline: 0917-899-8727 or 02-7989-8727
  • Natasha Goulbourn Foundation Hopeline: 0917-558-4673, 0918-873-4673 and 02-8804-4673
  • In Touch Crisis Line: 0917-800-1123, 0922-893-8944 and 02-8893-7603
  • UGAT Sandaline on Facebook