Neuropsychotherapy lecture series

Becoming Mentally and Emotionally Strong

Scientific research on Mindfulness has proven to be an effective intervention in developing coping strategies in managing stress, strengthening focus and concentration, and promoting self-esteem, and well-being. Evidence from neuroscience and brain imaging suggests that mindfulness training changes the structure and function of the physical brain to improve mental and emotional functioning.

Learn mindfulness practices!
• increase your ability to focus and pay attention
• effectively deal with change, stress, disappointments and strong emotions
• make more thoughtful decisions
• be kinder to self and others
• be calm amidst chaos

Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program-Public

Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program

At the Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program, cultivate deep learning about mindfulness and learn practical tools that will bring the benefits of personal growth and transformation.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill that opens our potential for growth through enhancing:

                  SELF-DISCOVERY through having a deeper understanding and appreciation of our unique selves, and subsequently increase our self-worth

                  STRESS MANAGEMENT THROUGH SELF-MANAGEMENT by learning tools and skills on how to  wisely, and effectively, manage every stress, increase resilience, and well-being.

Classes are composed of experience-based learning activities, and theory-based discussion and inquiry. Join a growing community that fosters an open, accepting, and supportive learning environment as you journey through self-discovery and apply tools and practices that will help you manage life’s challenges.

What skills can I learn in the Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program?

Our Mindfulness Program is an integrative, mind-body based training that teaches another way to think and feel about one’s experiences, especially in stressful and challenging times. The skills you will learn in our Program are:

  • To train and direct attention inward to personal thoughts, feelings, and body sensations
  • ·       To gain familiarity with the workings of your mind, and recognizing your unique mental habits
  • ·       To learn how to step back from distressing thoughts and feelings, and reduce their power
  • ·       To develop openness and curiosity in discovering alternative ways of thinking and doing
  • ·       To recognize early warning signs of stress and develop healthy responses when you begin to notice them
  • ·       To be kinder and gentler with yourself
  • ·       To be empowered through maintaining balance even during difficulties


Is the Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program for me?

Our Mindfulness Program is suitable for people wishing to enhance their general physical and mental wellbeing. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, recurrent sadness or feel generally ‘dissatisfied’ with your life, this course could offer you some skills in how to better respond to life’s ups and downs.

The Mindfulness Program is not being offered as a treatment for any specific physical or psychological condition. It is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing very severe problems in these areas. During registration, we will ask you for some information to ensure that the course is suitable for you.


How do I Register?

The Ateneo Bulatao Mindfulness Program will have two batches. One will be at the Ateneo Loyola Schools, Quezon City. The other batch will be at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, Pasig City, and is especially tailored for Health Professionals, like medical doctors and psychologists, and will include CPD points.

To Register, click on this link: 

Public Offering:

For Health Professionals:

A confirmation email with the payment instructions will be sent after three (3) working days.

We look forward to joining hands with you in enriching your life through Mindfulness!


Join Dr. Wolfgang Linden, professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist (Behavioral Medicine) from the University of British Columbia, as he talks about Pain, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Cancer.  Gain psychological perspective on each topic, learn about different psychological treatments, approaches and interventions, methodological issues, and acquire new skills you can use to help patients.


Re-explore the unconscious in the second installment of the workshop series that pays tribute to the work of Fr. Bulatao.

Part 1:  Paranormal Phenomenon

Part 2:  Psychology of the Paranormal


Explore the fundamentals of Anger with Dr. Brian Walker, Phd., as he lectures on Anger Management, it’s consequences on health, and its issues with athletes in various sports.



This workshop is designed for teenagers, aged 14-18, to learn mindfulness strategies aimed at

  • Self-managing emotions
  • Reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Coping with personal and school stress
  • Improving focus and attention


This Workshop will help your child:

  • Develop skills in emotional regulation
  • Understand the perspective of other people
  • Improve skills in social interaction and peer relationships