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Loss and G.R.O.W.T.H.


The feelings that come with loss can be quite unpleasant…and that’s okay. Acknowledge what you feel but don’t drown in it. Remember that grief is a natural response. There is no need to hide or to mask it. 


Remember to Breathe.

When the distress starts to become overwhelming, take deep intentional breaths. You can also try labeling the physical sensations of your feelings such as the twitching in your heart or the warming of your neck. 


Observe and Note Negative Thoughts.

By bringing them to your awareness, you can challenge self-defeating thoughts with either statements of facts or the following step: 


Write Down Positives and Possibilities. 

It doesn’t even have to be related to your loss. Actively acknowledging the good in your life by writing it down can be a good strategy to challenge dysfunctional thoughts and introduce positive feelings. 


Take Time to Reflect.

Ask yourself: What do I take with me? How have I grown from this experience? By reflecting, you can reframe your thoughts and make yourself feel better without invalidating your grief. 


Honor Your Feelings but also Yourself. 

You don’t have to dismiss your unpleasant feelings but you can introduce new behaviors (e.g. hobbies) that can spiral to positive thoughts and emotions.

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