Ateneo Bulatao Center

Loss and Growth

What comes into mind when you think of loss?


For most of us, it might be losing a friend or a family member. Of course, this is valid. The loss of a loved one hurts immensely. But there are other kinds of losses that should also be honored and grieved.


As we journey through this global pandemic, we can acknowledge that we have not just lost people but also time, resources, and moments that can never repeat themselves. Perhaps it’s an on-site graduation, a job opportunity abroad, or important relationships. 


It might seem pessimistic, but by acknowledging what we have lost, we honor our feelings of grief and sadness. And when we give ourselves a safe space to feel, we allow ourselves to move on and grow from that experience. This also means acknowledging and honoring the various kinds of losses of others.

Keywords: Loss; Growth; Grief



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