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“She didn’t say no,” and all the problems many of us have about consent

Most of those who come to me for therapy are not the victims, but the men who are accused of sexual misconduct. Close to two years after #MeToo and #TimesUp blew up, why do some of us continue to have a hard time understanding—or accepting—what is clear as day to women?

Stop the silence

‘These are stories of children we cannot be silent about,’ Bahay Tuluyan says in its compelling video depicting the devastating impact of child abuse

MANILA, Philippines – Not everyone has a happy childhood story to tell.

A 2016 study of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) revealed that one in 5 children are sexually harassed in the Philippines. Worse, most of these children experience violence in a place where they should feel most secure – their own homes. (READ: Most child abuse cases in PH happen at home – study)

Keep calm and cope: How to stay mentally healthy during coronavirus crisis

MANILA, Philippines – Been feeling extra anxious and worried lately? It’s okay, we’re feeling it too – and it’s understandable. The global coronavirus outbreak is daunting, both to our physical health and our mental health, and frankly, most of us aren’t sure what to do.

Flaws aside, online learning takes toll on students’ mental health

MANILA, Philippines — KJ Catequista suffers panic attacks whenever she receives text messages on her mobile phone from teachers of what could well be simple reminders to parents about their children’s missed deadlines.

Often, it takes hours for Catequista, a mother of three, to finally open the group chat app with other parents, nervously scrolling down the names of students and silently praying that those of her children are not listed among those lagging behind.

Ateneo center offering free psychological services

MANILA – The Ateneo Bulatao Center will be offering free brief psychological services to Filipinos ages 18 and above, it said on Wednesday.

“This is a free counseling service where you can speak with responders who will listen to you and provide a safe psychological space as you share your distress,” the Bulatao Center said in a statement.

Ateneo SALT, Bulatao Center recognized at Gawad Edukampyon

The Ateneo Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (SALT Institute) and the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services (Ateneo Bulatao Center) were among the recipients of the first Gawad Edukampyon Awards conferred by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Rex Education, and Philippine Business for Social Progress.

A Closer Look at Mental Health in the Philippines

In 2001, the Philippines implemented its “first mental health policy.” Followed by a revision in 2016, the Philippines arrived at a nationwide enactment of the newest installment of the Mental Health Act in 2018.

‘It’s okay not to be okay’: Gov’t urges public to call a friend if feeling down

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) and Malacañang on Monday encouraged the public who may be experiencing depression or anxiety to look for someone to talk to or to call mental care hotlines, even reminding them that “it is okay to not be okay.”

4 Ways To Combat Feelings of Panic And Dread According To A Psychologist

It’s already the third week of the enhanced community quarantine and while everyone is doing their part in curbing the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by staying at home, you should also take the time to check on your mental health. Sure, you’re occupied with the kids, running the household, and hanging out with your partner, but you might still find yourself feeling vulnerable when faced with the reality of our situation.

How to take care of your mental health amid COVID-19 pandemic

MANILA — It’s important to take care of one’s mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to experts.

In a statement released on Facebook Friday, the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services acknowledged that this health crisis could be causing increased stress and anxiety, particularly in people with existing mental health problems.

Self-Care: When Is The Right Time To Seek Professional Help For Your Mental Health?

Over the pandemic, concerns surrounding mental health persist as our way of living is greatly affected. “There are two issues here,” says Karina Fernandez, a Clinical Psychologist and Ateneo Bulatao Center executive director. “One is vulnerability… in terms of our own physiological safety.” COVID-19 is no longer a sickness people watch on TV, but an actual threat looming close to home, and the fear of contracting the virus grows.


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