Ateneo Bulatao Center

Mindful Eating

Give your attention as best you can to the lunch on your plate. Pretend you have never seen this food before, which in fact, is true!


What do you see? 

Don’t label, just describe colors, textures, shapes.


What do you smell?  

What different scents do you notice?


Now take a bite.

What flavors do you notice?

What sounds do you hear as you chew?


As you give your attention, notice as well any thoughts – judgements, memories, associations that come up as you pay attention to your food. 

Once you catch these thoughts, acknowledge where your mind has gone,

and bring your attention back to your plate.


Engage in this mindful eating practice for the first 5 bites, 

first 6 minutes, or even the whole meal!

Keywords: Mindfulness; Eating



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