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Mindful Media Use For Students: A Useful Tool For Online Self Regulation

For college students, it is almost unavoidable to stay online. Classrooms were shifted to this set-up, and now friends hang out on social media sites. And while we maintain our habits of reaching for our gadgets when we feel bored or worried, media consumption, and the visual strain it gives, can also be problematic. 

As such, in these unprecedented times, 

How can we be more mindful of our media consumption?


Be selective and aware 

Have an active role in your consumption! This may be by digesting information only from reliable sources, and by attending to your thoughts and reactions from what you see or read online by asking: 

What do these news articles make me feel?


Set some limits

Regularly consuming what is online may be overwhelming for some. Setting boundaries on one’s usage, like turning off your notifications or placing your gadget away a few hours before bed may help! Ask: 

Does using my phone at night keep me from sleeping well?


Know your “why” 

Social media helps in staying connected but may also be harmful when perceived as a sole means for relieving stress or loneliness (Bekalu et al, 2019). Reflect on your reasons for spending more time on certain platforms. 

Are these helpful, a waste of time, or, worse, only breed negative feelings?   



The goal is not throwing your phone away. It is allowing yourself to “log off” when needed and finding other avenues that let you “recharge.”

Keywords: Self Care; School; Goals



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