Ateneo Bulatao Center

Mindfulness in the Time of the Pandemic

The past months have not been easy for many of us. More than a year of the pandemic has brought about uncertainty and all sorts of threats to our physical, financial, and psychological security. In this “new normal,” feelings of fear, worry, frustration, and maybe even anger are completely normal as well.

By engaging in mindfulness practices, we can cultivate a patient and accepting mind that acknowledges both pleasant and unpleasant emotions without getting carried away by them. And it is when we have soothed ourselves that we are able to identify what is and what isn’t within our control so that we can take the most compassionate steps for ourselves and others.

It has been a long road for many of us. So, when experiencing emotional challenges, inviting you to:

Recognize what is here

Acknowledge it,

Investigate where in the body you are feeling this difficulty, and finally,

Respond with gentle self-compassion for all that you are feeling.

Keywords: Mindfulness; Pandemic; Awareness



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