Ateneo Bulatao Center

Our Services

The Ateneo Bulatao Center is the non-profit service and research arm of the Psychology Department of the Ateneo de Manila University. Our practice is in the service of improving the psychological well-being of children, adolescents, and adults across a viarety of settings such as schools, organizations, and corporations.

Our therapists utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions, adapting to the specific needs of the clients, in the different stages of therapy. We offer these services to individuals, communities, and companies.

A program that aims to provide free non-specialized psychosocial support for Filipinos. The program recruits, trains, and mentors graduate students to deliver online psychological support in 1-2 counseling sessions to address a caller’s psychological distress.

We have researched and designed psychological workshops and skills training in various contexts and sectors such as corporations, government units, and non-government organizations in the Philippines.

Our center seeks to advance knowledge and innovations in the treatment, prevention, and promotion of mental health and well-being of Filipinos across the life span and in various contexts.