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Strategies for Stress Management & Self-improvement: Problem-Focused Coping

Ask yourself: Is my problem within my control? If the answer is yes, take a look at problem-focused coping strategies.


1. What do I need to do today, next week, or next month? 

Many clients think they have to do everything NOW. Knowing what should and shouldn’t be prioritized is a powerful tool you should use. 


2. What can I delegate?

Usually, these are tasks that are not too important but need to be accomplished nonetheless. Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix is a good way to integrate the first two steps: 


3. How long can I do this task?

After asking yourself, communicate to family and colleagues so that they can adjust their expectations accordingly. 


4. What information do I have? What information do I need?

One of our clients was worried about how to do the accounting aspect of a project as they are not well-versed in it. This can be stressful but knowing when to seek assistance makes it easier. 


5. And finally, in the middle and the end of the day, focus and celebrate work accomplished, not just what still needs to be done.

Keywords: Stress; Stress Management; Strategy; Problem; Goals



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